You said you were the sun and I was the moon 
You gave me light but burned right through me 
As I got closer and closer to you 
Then you went away and I fell behind 
First you took my life and then left me to die 
You can't get away this time 
Without choosing sides 
And I can't swallow any more of my own lies 
You took every place left for me to hide 

You painted me in colours that I never was 
And I let you step over everything that I had lost 
And you pushed me into shadows that I never knew 
Once I was blind, but now I can see right through 
All your games and masquerades 
The cards of guilt that you loved to play 
Sacrifices I made cause I wanted to you stay 
You knew that I was easy prey 
And I remember being by your side 
But slowly, I'm untying ropes that bind 

You painted me in colours that I never was 
But you will see, that cruelty comes at a high cost 
And you will pay.


Don't ask about my future 
I have nothing new to say 
I'm starving for some honesty 
A blind dog can't be taught to see 

I'm running and running and running 
And running out of breath 
Yet I can never keep up 
I'm running and running and running 
And running away 
I'm trying not to look back 

I'm a collection of wasted potentials 
A museum of things that no one sees 
I'm bitter, my sweetness is just artificial 
I'm fooling the innocent tongues with ease 

Don't ask about my future 
I don't know what you want to hear 
I never planned to be this old 
Once spoken, words can't be untold. 

I'm falling and falling and falling 
And falling behind 
Questioning my luck 
I'm falling and falling and falling 
And falling apart 
I'm trying not to give up 

A collection of empty spaces and garbage 
Existent achievements that no one validates 
I'm watching the ashes fall from the glimmering red 
That death so impatiently awaits 

Don't ask about my future 
There is nothing there to see 
Don't ask about my future 
I don't know where I will be.


A seed fell down in my chest 
A while ago - you made it grow. 

A shadow weaving through the stories I tell 
Sharing some comfort when I am not well 
Casting his light into the darkness where I dwell. 

Gleaming in through my window 
Softly awakening me 
From drowsy spells spread on my pillow 
Eyes open, with no one to see 
A self-fulfilling reverie 

Mending the urge to open my skin 
Lending some strength to my tired bones 
Chasing through my veins, making my head spin 
Like smoke in my lungs when I'm on my own 
I long for you like I ache for a home 

And now the cranes are flying south 
To hide out from the winters cold 
And soon you'll be here, with futures to unfold 
And soon you'll be here, with futures to unfold.


From secret lungs a binding spell 
Was cast and kept around 
A tired day with tired eyes 
Spat out from the underground 

And you walk through their lives like a ghost 
In an old, faded polaroid 
Alone, alive, unknown 
We live, we die, on our own 

We paint our idols under our skin 
And carry their words in our souls 
We drink and wait for the world to set to spin 
And disappear as a whole 
For a while 
In control 

And I walk past their lives like a ghost 
In an old, faded photograph 
In love, alive, unknown 
We live, we die, but not alone 

Your laughter spreads relieving wings 
And lifts the heavy choice 
With burning tongues and blinding words 
We step back from the void.


In 1992 you were a familiar witness to my birth 
You held my heart from the second I appeared on this earth 
In your concrete hands that people paint as canine claws 
Soon I had to leave but never stopped aching from afar 
For all your dirt and grey and heat and cold 
All your unraveling secrets and stories waiting to be told 

All your great names and all your great faces 
Are not what's calling me 
Invisible, nameless and faceless 
When I want to, is what I want to be 

You do not try to make amends 
You do not try to shape me and change me 

Like a wide-eyed wondering child 
I'm soaking up the burning neon lights 
In the darkness and internal stillness of a winter night 
Spent on my own but with you by my side 
Spent on my own but with you by my side.


The wind spreads over water 
And swirls the mirrored surface, 
Turns it blind 
No more hands 
No more eyes 

The prophecy came true 
And threads are spinning 
Secretly across the world 
Our chains are loose 
Old ties are thinning 
And we'll cover distance, wings unfurled 

A safety net is what we all require 
But mediocrity is not what I aspire 
To be and to create 
To leave behind for strangers to relate 
To feel and to translate 
I take what I've been given and try to turn it into something great 

I turn my wrists 
My arms stretched out 
Awaiting of the coming storm 
White ashes blowing from my mouth 
And if we die this instant, we'll be reborn 

We always imitate what we admire 
I always try to be who I desire


Figures creeping on the ceiling 
Numbers changing time away 
Blue wings and coloured photographs 
They're replacable, no reason to stay 
The tides on the shores pulse and sway 

I flare up and burn bright in the pitch black sky 
I am colours and I am sound 
I'm a long forgotten northern light 
I am not lost, but I will be found, I will be found. 

Awake by the river, watch the day grow pale 
Wait for the city to come to life 
A long way from home, even further in my mind 
Over the water, a flock of birds takes to flight 
Swinging themselves into inconceivable heights 

I flare up and burn bright in the pitch black sky 
On emptiness and nicotine 
I'm a long lost child of uncommon sights 
Invisible now, but I will be seen, I will be seen 

Don't let me fade again into the shadows 
Don't let me slip into the dark 
Hold my hand through my nightly terrors 
And calm the storm in my heart 
Illuminate the space between the stars 
Between the stars


Don't say anything 
I know you know anyways 
You don't have to say anything 
I know, you know 

Just let me lose hope for a while 
I'm so tired of wearing this godawful smile 
No tears, my eyes stay dry 
I write to keep the right to stay alive 

You papermade prophecies 
In my dry-skinned hands 
Waiting for things to fall into place 
Without a need to understand 

Mechanical, worn-out and thin 
I'm no stranger to things that live under this skin 
And consequences of where I have been 
Stay within, within 

It's the knot where all threads meet 
It's the wound that refuses to stop to bleed 
It's the sickness corrupting my head 
Doubts eating their way through my stomach like rust instead 

I'm sorry to disappoint 
And I'm so sorry for letting you down 
And I'm sorry for hiding inside 
With those words I can't seem to spit out 
Until I find a way 
I will have to carry them around.


I lost my sense of time and space, 
I don't know where I belong 
Please don't ask me what year it is 
Cause I will probably get it wrong 

Everything I do is a selfportrait 
And it's all in and out of my hands 
While I'm still a child in many ways 
Life's pouring through my fingers like sand 

But I'm not as aimless as I seem 
I'm just in temporary torment 
My memory keeps playing tricks on me 
Days are gone, and I don't know where they went 
I can't recall how they were spent 

All I'm left with is my honesty 
And even that abandons me at times 
When it's almost too painful just to be 
It's often easier to lie 

But I'm not as helpless as I feel 
And I will regain control 
I know the odds are against me 
But I'm determined to reach my goal 
I will not break, I will stay whole 
I will not break, I will stay whole 
I will not break, I will stay whole.


The night holds me 
With lying arms 
„I'll keep you safe 
You'll be done no harm“ 

As steady as the tides 
There's no way out 
I don't want to see you die again 
It's true, I have no doubt 

It's too much, too far, 
Too powerful 
A gentle touch, too dark 
To see you pull me back 
Pull me back 

The light reveals 
There's no one around 
Nothing real to fear 
Nothing to be found 

Breathe, open your eyes 
Drown the happiness you feel 
I can't bear to see you come back again 
When I know it can't be true 

Into subconscious streams 
All seconds of years will flow 
Into the empire of dreams 
All our troubles will go