Babyalligator is a singer-songwriter from Berlin. Having released three albums since 2015, she is now working on the fourth, set to be released in 2020.

About I'm Not From Here:

"Reminds of Grouper so much I can't help but love it. 'C/CA' is by far the best track, but I also love 'Mental Health Awareness Day' and 'When Hugeness Will Shut Quietly'. Hannah Reinhardt's first foray into the world of music is beautiful, dreamy and memorable. Something about this record touched me."

- Michael Keerdo-Dawson

About Enigma:

"Enigma comes out from the same introspective and immersive place as Elliott Smith’s iconic album, Figure 8. Babyalligator’s voice is soft and vulnerable, as she reflects back on a difficult time. The guitar work is gentle and serene, and the addition of the cello adds a haunting element. While the approach is minimalist, the song will leave a lasting impact, making you reflect on those moments where you felt weakest and hope was a distant wish."

- Ben Yung,